GrabMart Rider Makes Seven Trips For Large $500 Order, Discovers Maximum Compensation Is $8

A GrabMart delivery rider recently received a $495 grocery order, and he estimated he will need more than a couple of trips to complete the delivery. As a precaution, he called in Grab support to inform them of this super large order which may take more than one delivery. He also asked the support team if he will be compensated based on the number of trips, if not he may consider cancelling the delivery.

However, the support team allegedly avoided his question about fair compensation and simply instructed him to proceed with the delivery as he will be compensated. When he tried to clarify the exact amount he will be compensated, Grab support reassured him with a non-answer.

As the GrabMart rider had been given a “go ahead”, he decided to take this delivery as a challenge. It eventually took him a total of 7 trips to complete this one heavy order.

However this turned out to be a bad decision as he found out later that GrabMart only offers a maximum compensation capped at $8. When he reached out to support to appeal his case, the team could only apologise as their policy only allows this $8 maximum limit.

To make matters worse, the GrabMart rider used a good 1.5 hours during evening peak hours to make his 7 trips. He could have used this same time to receive and complete even more orders,
potentially earning more than his $8 compensation.

The GrabMart delivery rider felt it was an unfair system as delivery charges are capped regardless of how much a customer has ordered. The ones who get the short end of the stick are the Grab riders. He hopes to share his story so that other riders do not get caught unaware.


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