87 Just Thai Restaurant Customer Felt Humiliated After Giving Feedback

A customer of 87 Just Thai restaurants shared his unpleasant experience with one of the staff member. This incident happened after the customer left a 1 star rating on their Google page.

The story begun when the customer and his wife ordered some takeaway from the restaurant last week. The order came up to be $35 and the customer initially paid the cashier three $10 notes and three $2 notes ($36).

While waiting for his food, the customer realised he had another $10 note. So the customer returned to the restaurant counter and asked if they can return his small change (three $2 notes) and pay with his fourth $10 note instead. His request to change notes happened less than a minute after he made the initial payment.

However the staff manning the cash register refused and explained the $2 notes cannot be returned as the restaurant was also running out of small change. The customer felt the cashier could have handled the situation better, and so he left a 1 star review on their Google page.

Another restaurant staff member apparently saw this Google review and privately messaged the customer for feedback. After this customer recounted the above incident over the small change, this staff member took offence with the cashier being likened to an “idiot”.

The staff member proceeded to question the customer’s upbringing and advised him to take some English lessons as well because of his bad grammar. Based on the customer’s bad English and the once-off use of “idiot”, the staff member also assumed the customer might have been rude and demanding to the cashier, leading to the cashier being reluctant to exchange the notes. The staff member ended their conversation with an apology.

The customer feels that this staff member was “literally humiliating me with polite words.”

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