PAP MP Lacks “Extra Effort” In Tackling Dengue Outbreak At Senja

The PAP MP in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC for Zhenghua is Edward Chia Bing Hui, who is a first-timer. He is also the co-founder and managing director of Timbre Group.

In one of his recent Facebook posts, Edward Chia tried to feature how he has made improvements to the Segar area by cleaning up the dirty sheltered walkways and link houses.

However a resident has informed that these photos of Segar being spring cleaned is an act of wayang. Apparently the Residents’ Committee (RC) Chairpersons had been requested to gather their RC members to take these pictures to paint a positive image that the MP is working for the residents.

These photos only tell one side of the story. While the MP tries to bring attention to how he has been improving Segar, he has not been able to settle a persistent dengue problem at the Senja area. According to our contributor, there are already 330 dengue cases at Senja, making this a dengue red zone.

A Senja resident even complained about Edward Chia’s lack of “extra effort” in tackling the dengue outbreak. After all, the MP’s job is more than just a photo op of interacting with residents in dengue green zones.

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