MOM Officers Caught FDW Doing Sales From Her Online Business

A netizen posted photographs showing MOM staff confronting an unknown female who was said to be a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). The netizen said that the MOM officers had caught the FDW doing distribution for her online fashion business. This incident happened on 4 October 11.30am in front of Tangs Orchard.

According to the netizen’s account, the FDW was allegedly involved in doing fashion business and the bus stop at Tangs Orchard was the collection point for her customers. Before the MOM staff stepped in, many customers were witnesses going up to the FDW to pick up their orders.

She was so busy managing her customers that she did not notice the guy in blue. The guy later wore a lanyard with an ID card went up to the FDW. He was joined by another lady wearing a MOM vest who then spoke with the FDW, took her particulars and photos of the Work Permit (WP).

The netizen hopes to remind other FDWs that WP holders are disallowed from engaging in any online businesses or peddle any items during their off day. The harshest penalty will result in their WP being cancelled and the FDW being deported.

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