Bellecare Spa Discriminates Against Domestic Workers By Refusing To Service Them

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Dear Admin,

I have a submission to make.

So this is the background of what happened. Our helper has been working hard to take care of my grandparents and my mom and aunt decided to purchase a spa day form Belle Care through Fave.

The ad stated that Singaporeans, PR and Work pass holders were welcome. Belle care was discriminatory towards domestic workers and said they do serve workpass holder except domestic workers. And even brought into context on how their Bangladeshi boyfriends purchase spa packages for them and even wanted us to write consent form allowing our helper to enjoy a spa day? In her words she described us as the “owner”..

Doesnt everyone deserve to relax and have a day off? So does a maid have less rights that we do? Furthermore we are her employers that booked the spa day for her. And despite confirmation and payment a month ago, they called at the last minute to tell us they do not want to service domestic workers knowing full well she was a domestic worker then the appointment was made.

Sad to see that we still have such discrimination and narrow minded people around.. shame on you belle care… Located in Singapore Shopping Centre 190 Clemenceau Ave.

M Wong

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