Parent Shocked By NUH Bill For Covid19 Swab

Hi All Singapore Stuff,

My child was sent to National University Hospital (NUH) due to high fever in the evening, as she had a little runny nose a day prior to the fever.

Over at the hospital, we were told by the doctor that although it was highly unlikely she has Covid19 as there were no other symptoms, but it’s for government administrative purpose to do the swab test. After putting our child through all the agony, she was given flu n fever medications. We were sent home after being told that the bill would be sent via mail.

Yesterday we received the Bill and was shocked to see that the Covid19 swab was charged $125! Shouldn’t it be free if it was asked to do by the doctor? Even in authorized GP it’s only $10 n SingHealth is free. But government restructured hospital charge me at $125?

Seems like there is no consistent standard how medical institutions charge patients for a Covid19 swab. Is there a governing body overseeing this?


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