Lim Tean Heckled By Cops, The Heck Is Going On ?!

Fellow Singaporeans, I once again wake up in the middle of the damned night to reply to this predicament quickly. And what a situation this is !

Several Hours ago, Opposition Figure & Lawyer Lim Tean was arrested, questioned and then placed on bail by the Police. The reasons stated for doing so is an act of alleged criminal breach of trust (CBT) over a former client claiming that he misappropriated monies awarded from a motor injury suit. There was another complaint from a former employee in Lim Tean’s law firm over harassment involving stalking and salacious text messages.

Lim Tean was given a summons by the Police Cantonment Complex to attend a “mandatory interview” on the 28th of September, he refused over preparations related to his job and denied the Police statement as “Investigating trumped up charges against him which are politically motivated”.

Take note that within the document in which he outright refused the police, he mentioned that the case ahead was “a very important trial involving the Prime Minister”, I assume this was the defamation suit against financial adviser “Leong Sze Hian”. 3 officers from the Commercial Affairs Department barged into his office, apparently while he was preparing for the libel suit. Shortly after the ordeal, Lim Tean went on a 30 minute livestream addressing the allegations around him.

With all this information in mind, here is my two cents on this situation. While admittedly kept in the dark on whether the allegations surrounding Lim Tean had enough merit for the police to use force without a proper warrant, I am highly suspect within the time frame in which this was done. Assuming that these allegations were pre-existing and not something that would just appear out of nowhere, why did the police specifically muscled into Lim Tean’s office one week before that Libel suit ?

It could easily be a subtle message to hold his tongue in the presence of Lee Hsien Loong, like some mobsters trying to intimidate a witness from incriminating their associate. They could have also picked a different window of time to apprehend Lim Tean. Like outside in public while he gets lunch or something. But they specifically wanted to nab him when he was in his own office with a show of force. What is to stop them from rifling through his office & aid the Prime Minister by supplying him information that would otherwise be obtained criminally if it wasn’t conducted under the aegis of Civil Forfeiture?

The more I go deeper into this, it seems that one common theme is clear. Those on top are running out of covert means to keep dissent down and are resorting to more visible forms of threat. As much as I hate the idea of police being used for political harassment, keep in mind that this is all speculation on my end. I could be exaggerating something that would otherwise be low profile & within proper guidelines, in which I profusely apologize for making a mountain out of an molehill.

But we, those who resent this dictatorial style of government should still keep on guard. You give them an inch to act further, they will soon be asking for a mile. Bit by bit until the only way they keep society stable is not by the cooperation of men representing other men, but by the barrel of a gun held by men fueled by personal desires.

Until the next incident or injustice,
I am your loyal reader Justin

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