Did Singapore Police Misrepresent Lim Tean’s Intentions?

Singaporeans are still in shock over the sudden and swift manner in which lawyer and politician Lim Tean was arrested on 2 Oct. Lim Tean was handcuffed by plainclothes police from the CAD and taken away for investigations over an alleged Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT), and another alleged unlawful stalking offence.

When the police realised that there was a massive online uproar over Lim Tean’s arrest, they were forced to make a public statement. In their clarifications, the police wrote they had issued Lim Tean with a written notice on 23 Sep 2020 to attend a compulsory interview on 28 September 2020 over the two alleged offences. The police then claimed that Lim Tean replied through his counsel on 27 Sep 2020 that “he had no intention of turning up for any Police interview.”

However M Ravi had called the police arrest as being unlawful.

In a twist of events, Carson Law Chambers publicly released its legal letter sent to the CAD on 28 Sep 2020. A paragraph in this letter explained since the subject matter of the monies was before the State Court, the law firm was of the view that the due process should take its course and the administration of justice should be respected by everyone. The police were advised by Carson Law Chambers that any steps to “compel (Lim Tean) to give a statement would go against the due administration of justice and we reserve our client’s right to take the necessary applications in court.”

It seems the police may have given the impression that Lim Tean was “uncooperative”, while the fact was his counsel had explained to CAD that forcing Lim Tean to give a statement will contravene the due administration of justice.

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