NSF Overwhelmed By Kind Taxi Driver Who Sheltered Him From The Rain

Hi, I would like to share a positive experience today.

I didn’t expect this kindness movement. Being a NSF with a low pay I couldn’t afford to grab home as it was raining today, so I braced myself through the rain.

I didn’t bring myself an umbrella because I didn’t bring it. While walking to the MRT, there wasn’t any shelter from my camp and it was a 13 minutes walk through the rain to the MRT.

While I was waiting at traffic light drenched in the rain, a taxi driver suddenly honk me. I was shocked and he offer me a ride to the MRT because it was abit far. I said I didn’t have any money and he said nevermind just come in.

I am so overwhelmed with shock at how kind Singaporeans are and there are kindness that is left unsaid. So with this I am hoping I could repay his kindness once I get my pay.

Thank you
Mohd Nazri

Editor’s note: The taxi driver of SHB 5470 M can contact the All Singapore Stuff team to get back to his grateful passenger.

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