Loser Gets To Officially Open Sengkang West Community Garden Instead Of Elected MP

Before GE2020, the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Sengkang West SMC was PAP candidate Lam Pin Min. Just when the arrogant party thought Lam Pin Min was capable enough of fronting a victory in a GRC, the brave Sengkang voters showed the incumbent the door by voting in The Workers’ Party team consisting of He Ting Ru, Jamus Lim, Raeesah Khan and Louis Chua.

While the newly-minted WP MPs have been proving themselves and working hard for the constituents, the PAP losing team promised that they will fight harder and be back to claim victory in the next General Elections.

A recent Facebook post by Lam Pin Min highlights a unique and strange situation where he was the Guest-of-Honour to officially open the Sengkang West Zone B Community Garden situated at Anchorvale between Block 320B and 320C. It is curious how a Residents’ Committee (RC) project gets to launched by a “Grassroots Advisor” instead of the elected MP Jamus Lim.

This unfairness is not new as the Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh had once voiced out the double standards where People’s Association (PA) Grassroots Advisers in WP wards are PAP members, while the PAP wards’ Advisers continue to remain as PAP members.

This tactic has been accused of being a backdoor where the PAP losers can continue to reach out to residents despite being ousted by more capable non-PAP politicians.

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