Organic Salon Customers Allegedly Cheated By Random Price Hikes

A Facebook user has come forward with a shocking account of how a hair salon, supposedly run by Chinese nationals, have been cheating customers. The Organic Salon store is located on the first floor of Boon Lay Shopping Centre.

The front of the store boasts a promotion haircut of $3 for its members. The Facebook user was quoted $10 for a men's haircut, however after the cutting session the barber said the price was $35 because the stylist had done a cut and wash.

An uncle who was a customer before the Facebook user was overheard quarreling with the shop. The uncle was allegedly charged $400 for a simple haircut.

The Facebook user hopes to warn other people from becoming victims, and will be collecting information to file a police report for investigation.

A recent case of an Ah Gong allegedly being cheated by a facial spa in Tampines has opened a can of worms about the number of shops offering such questionable pricings.

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