Students of Beauty Paws International Allegedly Get Victimised

I would like to bring to your attention about this dog grooming school called Beauty Paws.

1st of all, Beauty Paws is not registered as an academic institution with ACRA thus not allowed to teach. I Happened to find out about this about a CASE complaint submission. Their facebook page is Beauty Paws International.

There is only 1 instructor who is also the principal and sole owner of the entity – Mr Roy Tan Jun Hong. He has very bad conduct himself and also insults, threatens students with his ill mannered behaviour. They’re way too many incidents that took place to perhaps all of his students who are victims.

I hereby hope that no other people will fall victim to this illegal grooming institute.

We paid money not to get treated this way. He always threatens students that he will jeopardise our grooming career should we not do what he wanted. This includes buying him food & drink and helping him clean up the place. He houses more than 20 dogs in his redhill unit which has got complaint from residents and later moved to Geylang renting a space to teach & house his dogs there as a “partner” which he has had some scams issues (I shall not touch on that part as i’m not involved)

The dogs live in a horrible environment back in Redhill. He throws them & hits them when he is not happy. Sadly, we don’t have footage evidence to do justice for the poor dogs. We’re just innocent and naive victims who have not much knowledge thus falling prey.

Pls help to highlight to prevent further victims from falling prey. There’re more than 5 CASE complaints being made with Beauty Paws & more than 2 police reports as well. Thank U so much in advance. Attached is d video footage of how he insulted, bully, hurl vulgarities and throw students stuff just because he is not happy when the student did a wrong cut. He, as an instructor, all he needs to do is to correct the wrong cut.

Students of Beauty Paws

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