Preetipls Joins Anti-Death Penalty Movement To Abolish Capital Punishment

Influencer Preetipls has been running a video series called "Nobody Asked" to discuss various interesting topics about Singapore. In her latest episode, Preetipls shared about the death penalty in Singapore and why it should be abolished.

Preetipls gave a run down of the offences in Singapore which will invoke the death penalty, and specifically focused on the issue of drug trafficking. Such death row inmates are usually minorities from disadvantaged backgrounds or non-Singaporeans. Preetipls also gave some context and statistics on the death penalty here, including a recent controversial ongoing case of death row inmate Syed Suhail.

Preetipls shared numerous reasons why capital punishment should be abolished: (1) mistakes by the police and courts have been made, (2) prisoners' rights where a prison officer may be able to intercept or withhold prisoners' written letters, and (3) the Singapore Prison Services motto to "Rehab, Renew, Restart" is ironic after people have been executed.

Preetipls applauded Kirsten Han for compiling all the detailed anti-penalty resources in her website. She also called Singaporeans to speak up on this issue by signing a petition or writing to their Members of Parliament.

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