Facebook Page Scammed Online Shopper With Fake Shoes

A reader has shared her experience with a Facebook page which has apparently scammed her. The Facebook page called "Shopping Party" makes posts claiming to sell branded items at discounted prices. They claimed the prices were reduced for clearance or gave excuses like anniversary sales.

To further mislead buyers, the Facebook page even posts photos of the branded shoeboxes.

Our reader's personal experience was when she tried to purchase a pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes for SGD$48. However to her horror and disappointment, the pair of shoes delivered to her were fake. The brand turned out to be some label named "Fashion Shoes" which barely look like they cost $20.

Our reader has not been the only victim. The Facebook page also had some complaints from customers who may have received low-quality replacement goods.

Online shoppers should proceed with caution when making online purchases.

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