Youth Recruited To Be SDP Campaign Manager As Maturity Belies Her Tender Age

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has unveiled its newest campaign manager. She was introduced as Leeanne O'donnell, who had risen through the ranks of the SDP youth wing The Young Democrats.

Leeanne O'donnell was recruited to be political veteran Bryan Lim Boon Heng's campaign manager just last week. She was apparently talent scouted after displaying all the suitable traits of handling Bryan Lim's GE2025 campaign.

By tapping on her "tender age", Bryan Lim found that she can relate to the ideals, dreams and aspirations of youths. She is also able to provide a fresh perspective on issues and inform him of matters youths are concerned about.

Bryan Lim eve suggests Leeanne O'donnell has the capability of being fielded as a future SDP candidate due to her outspoken nature and ability to interact with people.

Leeanne O'donnell is proof that the youth play an equally important role in shaping Singapore's future. As seen by the increasing number of youths who are signing up as political volunteers, perhaps the younger generation are no longer docile or disillusioned. They want to be the agents of change!

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