SG Telegram Group Offers Illicit Goods and Sexual Services

Telegram has been a popular alternate to messaging apps such as WhatsApp. For certain Telegram groups, users can even chat or receive relevant information and news about Singapore.

Nonetheless there are certain Telegram groups which share questionable content. For example, there was some controversy last year caused by a Telegram group called "SG Nasi Lemak" which circulated lewd images and videos of girls among some of its 44,000 members. The group has since been shut down and some men linked to this group had been arrested.

A reader has informed us of another controversial Telegram group "SG Pasar Malam" which currently has almost 20,000 members.

The reader came to know of this group after his child was apparently invited into this chat group. He shared various screenshots of the messages within this group, and they showed the sales of illegal substances and services. For instance, drugs were readily peddled to any buyers while sexual services and rates were openly listed.

The reader hopes to raise awareness about the presence of such undesirable activities happening within such Telegram groups.

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