Human Rights Lawyer Files Judicial Review Application to Stay Execution of Drug Trafficker

Syed Suhail has been sentenced to death for drug trafficking and will be executed this Friday. That is if human rights lawyer M. Ravi’s judicial review application to the high court cannot save Suhail from execution.

M. Ravi posted about the case on Facebook on Monday:

As i was in High Court this morning arguing a death penalty case on account of miscarriage of justice, I was informed by the friend of Syed Suhail (another case) that he will be executed this Friday at 6am at Changi Prison. Suhail has been sentenced to death for drug trafficking. Attached is a letter to arrange a funeral for someone who is still alive. The Singapore criminal justice system needs urgent reforms given all that which has transpired recently. I urge the state that all death penalty cases must be stopped and a moratorium should be imposed immediately as once a life has been deprived, death penalty is irreversible. Until a fair system of administration of justice is in place, there is a danger that an innocent person may be wrongfully executed.

Suhail is a victim of his own addiction which is a medical condition. The following paragraphs from his High Court judgement are noteworthy where one of Singapore’s leading psychiatrist and a psychologist have testified on behalf of Suhail.
“From April 2011, he gradually increased his intake of heroin until he was taking roughly 12g to 18g of normal grade heroin a day around the time of his arrest on 3 August 2011. He described the normal grade heroin as “coklat gelap” or dark chocolate, which contained upwards of 25g of heroin in a 442g packet (“the normal grade heroin”). He clarified that he did not reach this rate of consumption, which would cost an estimated $5,000 a month, overnight. In August 2011, his dependency level had got to the point where each use of heroin was just to delay the onset of withdrawal symptoms rather than to get high. He was injecting himself every two or three hours. When he had to work, he would smoke the heroin. When his urine was tested after his arrest, it contained 33.3 µg/ml of morphine.”

“Dr Winslow also said that if a heroin user’s source was reliable, he would usually keep about one month’s worth of the drug to ensure that supply did not run out. If the supply line was erratic or he was unsure of his source, he could keep up to three months’ worth of heroin. Most addicts who consumed heroin at higher levels needed to support their consumption habit by selling a portion of the heroin that they had bought to offset the cost of their own use.”
There has to be a better response than imposing death penalty on Suhail as he is a victim of his medical condition.

I humbly urge everyone including the anti death penalty activists in Singapore and around the world to campaign to save Syed Suhail from being executed this Friday.

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