Why Is The PAP 4G Leadership Silent Over The Case Involving Liew Mun Leong?

Heng Swee Keat has spoken a lot about integrity lately. He spoke about this in the recent elections, and in 2019 attacked the WP for supposedly lacking this, and moved to force WP town council to bar Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim from being involved in the town council’s financial matters.

Mr Heng even cited the court’s judgement in that matter.

But Mr Heng and the 4G leaders – including Ong Ye Kung (who oversees Changi Airport) and Josephine Teo (who is charge of Manpower matters) have been completely silent on the Liew Mun Leong case since the High Court delivered its damning verdict on Mr Liew on 4 September.

What has happened to Heng Swee Keat’s boast about integrity?

Why is the 4G leadership so silent on Liew’s case this past one week?

Mr Liew is no ordinary person. He was the chairman of the Changi Airport Group (CAG) which runs Changi Airport, probably the most famous and internationally recognised symbol of Singapore.

Mr Liew was also an adviser to sovereign wealth fund, Temasek.

His integrity has been called into question from the way he treated his domestic worker, made her do illegal cleaning work, paid her a miserable pittance, repatriated her when she refused to do the illegal work anymore – all against rules set down by the Ministry of Manpower, – and then filed a false police report with “improper motive” to prevent her from returning to tell on him, and possibly lied in court during the trial and appeal hearings.

In short, Mr Liew conspired to throw an innocent domestic worker in jail to silence her.

Mr Heng, who is also the Finance Minister overseeing Temasek, should move swiftly to protect the integrity of the reputation of Changi Airport and Temasek.

It is disappointing and worrying to see that the 4G leadership seems paralysed and indecisive in doing this, but saw it necessary to launch a full-scale assault on WP for supposedly lacking “integrity”..

Andrew Loh

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