Customer Recounts Allegedly Unpleasant Experience With Dating Agency

Hi All Singapore Stuff,

I need you help to cover this story about a dating agency.

The sales rep sold me a $2939.40 package for 3 matches with the benefit of choosing the guys' look I wanted. She mentioned someone matched me, and to entice me to sign the package she gave me a discount to sign on the spot.

I sent her photos of guys I like.

Another staff introduced me a 59 year-old man, 10 years older. She claimed that he doesn't look his age, good looking, fit, no children of studying age, and staying in the city area etc. However I did not want to meet him as he doesn't match the profiles of the guy I sent them. But she insisted that I will not regret.

When I met him last Sunday, all claims she made were false.

They were very careful, both sales reps used phone calls to convey. No written trace they leave. Even their sales and purchase agreement were sent via a link and now I checked, it has expired soon after I paid and made the submission of my documents.

None of my expectation were met and they refused to refund me as their 7-day refund policy was "old terms". I hope my story could prompt the authority to convene a thorough investigation for this seemingly scamming agency.

I have lodged a complaint with CASE.


Ms M


Update: Lunch Actually has reached out to the customer to resolve the issue.

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