Parti Liyani’s Case Shows Cronyism-Based Justice System Needs Reform

The recent saga on the acquittal of a maid, Parti Liyani, has sent shockwaves throughout the Nation on the severe state of our Justice system which is in need of urgent reforms.

We have always pride ourselves, as MP Jamus Lim puts it, on efficiency and not compassion or the quest for truth. Hence, the situation we are facing now is dire and fast slipping into a scenario similar to Najib Razak’s Malaysia. I wish these issues had surfaced before the elections! Is it too late now, only the PSP and WP MPs will know?

I’m unsure why people are so uptight about this case in the first place when things like that are bound to happen in a system built upon cronyism. All power leads to single source, where even the PM’s own estranged siblings are unable to hold their brother accountable. Instead, what the system does is to ransack the homes of the 2 journalist who reported extensively on it and charge them for disseminating the allegations to a larger audience.

1 of them I understand, is facing an extra charge of “sending an email without authorisation” from a friend who previously allowed him to write tons of articles on it. This is the real sorrowful state of the Justice system here, wake up to reality folks!

Separately, just sharing what journalists of other countries report can land you a civil defamation suit which upcoming trial is on 6 Oct. We should pay attention to this crucial one, where a possible precedence could be set for the further curtailing of speech in Singapore, surrounded by a host of other such laws passed in our 1 party parliament without much challenge.

The end result to all these undue actions will be paralysis in checks and balances, allowing the rulers a free rein without dissent! We could also be losing 2 of our token Opposition MPs as Judicial decisions are uncheckable ones. The decadence did not happen overnight but slowly through the years of our voting patterns for an efficient but unaccountable government. We have surrendered much of our civil liberties in exchange for efficiency which has lead us nowhere except on autopilot mode.

Overseas investors are closely watching our rule of law situation and will likely not want to start-up in Singapore, if our system is similar to the one in HK. What can we do to shape our political system and how are we to emerge from here, I leave it to the imagination of fellow Singaporeans, For Country, For People!

Matt Yap

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