Irresponsible Parents Allow 6-Year-Old To Terrorise Hougang Neighbours

A contributor shared that his 13-year-old son was attacked by a 6-year-old boy while walking along the void deck of Blk 25 Hougang Ave 3. The 6-year-old boy wanted the older boy to play together, but the older boy refused as he was on the way to fetch his siblings from school. The 6-year-old boy then took a stone and threw it towards the contributor’s son.

According to pictures provided by the contributor, his son suffered a gash on his left cheek which needed NINE stitches.

When the contributor brought this incident up with the 6-year-old’s parents, they simply brushed it aside by saying it was just “kids play”. The parents even denied responsibility by refusing to pay for the medical bills.

Even though the police were called in to handle this incident, the IO were powerless to act as they pointed out the boy is only 6 years old.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Other stories of this 6-year-old terror and his irresponsible parents popped up:

The 6-year-old boy hangs out with a group of allegedly rowdy kids. They had previously assaulted a neighbour’s 2-year-old by kicking the toddler along the corridor. The police were also unable to take action for this act.

The 6-year-old boy has also been accused of trying to ram his bicycle into neighbourhood uncles and aunties who came to visit the contributor’s house. Whenever the 6-year-old fails to bang into the elderly, he will gesture at them with a rude finger sign.

At a point where the neighbours had enough of the ill-behaved 6 year old, they went to confront the boy’s mother. However the mother was unapologetic and gave the same bochup reasoning that her kid was just playing. The boy even had the cheek to laugh at the neighbours behind his mother’s back.

With such parental upbringing, the spoiled boy may be brought up with the wrong impression of how the world works. In the meantime it is unfair that the people living around them have to bear with these neighbours from hell.

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