PAP MP Desmond Lee And HDB Offer Empty Promise To Boon Lay Resident


My family and I moved into a HDB unit in Boon Lay back in June 2017.

Initially when my mom purchased the unit, HDB wanted to handover the unit as is with damaged ceiling near critical sink areas. We appealed for HDB to at least provide basic renovation and we’re grateful for that.

However, during the first year of move in, workmanship of our kitchen windows was bad to the point whereby whenever it rained (with the windows closed), a significant amount of water kept seeping in. My mom made various calls to HDB to get the issue rectified and it took them quite awhile to come over to fix the issues. HDB has the receipts of emails and video proof that was sent. Took HDB approximately 2-3 months to resolve the issue. So that’s that.

Now (2020), the same windows, is slowly falling apart.

1. The handle of the window as seen in the image is completely dislodged.

2. The rubber seal surrounding the windows are coming off.

Secondly, our main critical issue is the drainage for our kitchen sink. My mom occasionally cooks for the family so sink usage is minimal. The drainage started to choke up back in 2018. We initially thought it is a one time issue as we avoided using the sink and the drainage for a few days. The water did drained itself but it was slow.

We started to use the sink again and the drainage choked again quickly. So my mom seek HDB assistance regarding this issue. It was a temporary fix with the longest fix lasting for only 1 month (it was PAID fixes). We had multiple fixes but the result was still the same choked drainage.

Fast forward to 2019, my mom wanted to replace the choked drainage with a fresh new pipe, and of course we were told we had to pay for it. We suspected that during renovation, contractor may have swept some cement down the drainage. (Unable to prove until we are able to remove and replace the choked pipe)

Here comes the big issue. The pipe which belongs to my unit is located in the unit right below me. I’m on the 7th floor and the pipe that needs to be replaced is in the unit in the 6th floor.

The family in the 6th floor is not cooperative with us to allow a quick (1hr) pipe replacement and my mom has been trying to contact HDB to rectify this issue.

**Main issue with 6th floor neighbour is that they have fixed a kitchen cabinet that blocked the access to the pipe. So to change the pipe, the cabinet has to be removed.
**HDB should inform residents to avoid installing any fixtures to key areas that may need important fixing.

HDB did not take further action because the unit below is not wanting to cooperate.

Mind you it’s been 3 years and counting that we are unable to use the sink freely and had to resort to a bucket collection method to drain away dirty water into the toilet bowl.

Fast forward to GE 2020 week. Mr Desmond Lee who was campaigning in West Coast GRC, came to visit my home to win votes. I explained the situation and I could not even have a proper conversation with him for 5mins and his assistant had to take over to record my issue while he just walked away to visit other residents. Shows how much he is willing to listen to you. He made promises to contact me within days. His assistant/team/volunteers contacted me a few days later just to inform me that someone will follow up soon.

I sent an email to Desmond Lee to follow up on my case on 13 July 2020 and have yet to receive any response.

Received a phone call from HDB on 27 July 2020, sadly was a useless phone call to “follow up”.

Email sent to HDB on 28 July 2020 to repeat the entire story again.

HDB promised to follow up before National Day with an inspection. No sound no nothing.

11 August 2020 – Sent follow up email regarding the inspection. HDB replied stating inspection to be done on 12 August 2020.

12 August 2020, no sight of HDB officers. No calls, no nothing.

31 August 2020. I sent an email follow up.

As of 5 September 2020, neither HDB nor the MP have responded.

Thank you to the useless residents of West Coast GRC for voting for a party who only show face once every 5 years.


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