Chee Soon Juan Maintains Bukit Batok Walkabouts Even After GE2020

Even though two months have passed since GE2020, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chief Dr Chee Soon Juan has continued to walk the ground. He has been meeting Bukit Batok residents and listening to their concerns around the constituency.

A particular issue raised by many residents concerns the lack of footpaths in the surrounding blocks of 190, 192, 187 and beyond. Due to this problem, residents have been forced to walk on the road or the grass patches. Poor lighting around these roads also adds to the problem of visibility at night. Residents put themselves at risk especially when they have to share the roads with vehicles.

Chee Soon Juan had personally witnessed a few instances where baby strollers and toddlers had to share the same road lane with cars.

He shockingly discovered that Bukit Batok residents had raised the lack of walkways to the Jurong-Clementi Town Council since 2019. The constituents were only given a generic reply that the matter "is receiving our attention". Another resident told Dr Chee that Murali Pillai was informed of this issue last year, but he allegedly said if a footpath was built then residents will expect more by having it sheltered to cover the walkway "which is not possible."

It is embarrassing how Chee Soon Juan is more in touch with the issues in Bukit Batok than some part-time MP who claimed he will "always prioritise" his residents.

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