Bukit Batok West Rock Residents Harassed By Noise from Neighbour’s Illegal Midnight PMD Repair Workshop


I would need your help to bring awareness about a matter in the estate. Currently in 461D at West Rock, Bukit Batok West Ave 8, there is a family that has been constantly harassing the neighbours. The harassment started 6 months ago, ranging from having more than 8 kids in the corridor and making noise during the night to having a PMD repair workshop from 6pm to 6am.

During circuit breaker, the family continued to have people come over and visit, and kids hang out. Police had been called but to no avail as the mother tell sob story and how they are good kids.

They also have a PMD battery that blew up outside their house, at the gas pipe door. But they werent fined for it.

The authorities are informed since then, but they have done some task force, but to no avail. MP has been informed but refused to take action… and yet the harrasment continues to the neighbours. And no matter how many times police has been called, they are just warned and let off and no further action taken.

This email is done and sent because there is no other option to solve it. With the authorities wanting to re-educate them, it comes at a high cost of the neighbours life, they do not dare go magistrate order for fear of their safety.

We hope you can help bring awareness to such a situation so that with public awareness, things can be done for the welfare of the residents of that level.


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