Netizens Unconvinced by Josephine Teo’s Crocodile Tears During Parliament Debate

Has parliament turned into a crying academy? First Lawrence Wong, then Khaw Boon Wan and now the minister who proved to have no listening ear and no willing heart! 

The manpower minister Josephine Teo had an earlier debate on the President's address with Sengkang MP Jamus Lim on the effectiveness of recent Employment and S Pass measures.

When she delivered her concluding speech, she lapsed into an emotional performance on her script and held back tears while saying these dramatic words:

"Please know that you too are always in our hearts. However long this storm lasts, MOM will walk this journey together with you. However tough it may be, we will help you bounce back".

Netizens were disgusted and unconviced by the minister's wayang, doubting her sincerity and recalling her "listening ear" and "willing heart" GE2020 constituency broadcast act which came just after she was caught rudely walking away from an uncle during her walkabout.

Netizens were also unimpressed by how the PAP ministers are so weak and cracking under the slightest pressure.

Are we paying our ministers millions to put on a crying show to gain sympathy instead of solving problems? If so, citizens will be the ones who will end up crying from being victims of the government's failure and empty promises.

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