Poh Seng Song Accused Of Being Whistleblower Who Leaked WhatsApp Message

In a blow to local sporting arena, the state media reported that Singapore Athletics (SA) had banned Poh Seng Song from holding any office position within the jurisdiction of SA and/or its affiliates for two terms. Poh Seng Song was the former Vice-President of Finance and Partnership who resigned from SA after two years. However he was still slapped with this ban after a Board of Inquiry (BOI) convened by SA allegedly concluded that he was “very likely” the person who had leaked a WhatsApp message the current Honorary Secretary, Eric Song, had made about national pole vaulter Rachel Yang and her coach/husband David Yeo.

Poh Seng Song subsequently defended himself and shared why he quit SA over the leaked WhatsApp. In February 2020 Eric Song received a letter of demand claiming he had made defamatory and malicious remarks against Rachel Yang and David Yeo such as calling them “ungrateful and selfish”. Eric Song allegedly made these remarks in his “official capacity of a Hon Sec” and even managed to get the majority of the SA Management Committee to support and fiance his possible personal lawsuit.

Poh Seng Song could not understand how SA, being charity organisation with IPC status, financed a personal lawsuit. He therefore resigned over this issue.

SA later proceeded to set up the BOI to investigate who was the whistleblower who leaked Eric Song’s WhatsApp remarks about Rachel Yang and David Yeo. When Poh Seng Song tried to reach out to the BOI, they did not respond to him and only sent an email on 4 August informing him about the ban.

Poh Seng Song denies being the whistleblower.

He further shared that the actual whistleblower may not have in breach of any policy because “the Charity Council’s code of governance advises charity organisations with IPC status to have whistleblowing policy.”

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