Gahmen Takes Cheap Shot At Lawyer Who Disagree With Stroke Heng’s Ministry of Finance Addendum Statement

After a lawyer raised doubts on Facebook about Stroke Heng's statement “We have used a generation’s worth of savings to combat a crisis of a generation,” two days later he kena "clarification" from gahmen website, just short of pofma.

We seldom see this type of efficiency in the gahmen except when they are criticised and feel they need to ownself defend ownself.

This was what the lawyer, Lian Chuan Yeoh wrote on 29 August:

“We have used a generation's worth of savings to combat a crisis of a generation. We must therefore ensure that our fiscal balance is put back on a stable path when the economy recovers …” – DPM Heng Swee Keat, in MoF’s addendum to the President’s address.

With great respect, this is nonsense coming from the Hon DPM. By any sensible measure of national savings, a S$50+bn draw on past reserves does not represent anything close to a generation’s worth of government savings – or if it did, then the Minister for Finance, and the management of our reserves investment institutions, should be promptly fired!

That’s one reason we need an elected opposition in Parliament – to check the PAP when it’s statements fall off the rails."

On 31 August, published a "clarification" article to refute Lian: zoomed in on the term "national savings" Lian used and "clarified" that Stroke Heng was not referring to national savings in his full quote. Instead, the "generation worth of savings" refers to the over twenty years' worth of past budget surpluses. 

As usual, the gahmen is missing the point and is clutching at straws. Their "clarification" just proves Lian right about the need for an elected opposition in Parliament to check the PAP!

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