AMDK Cyclists Confront Driver By Blocking Traffic And Disregarding Road Safety

Dear All Singapore Stuff

I was driving casually on a very busy Sunday (30 Aug 2020, 5 – 5.15pm) on ECP. When nearing McDonalds I saw this group of Caucasian cyclist (presume British cos of accent) cycling dangerously in 2 lines. I was behind them for about a good 4 mins before that.

A mitsubishi lancer in front signal left and wanted to enter into the McDonalds area Carpark so the driver accelerate veered left in to the carpark.

Ironically the cyclist in yellow already indicated his unhappiness when the driver in front indicated his intention. Gesturing with his hand.

When the driver turn in, the cyclist in yellow dangerously cut into in front of my car without checking his blind spot. I immediately honk at him to get his attention and had to jam break with my children sitting in the car shocked from the incident.

That was when he rode in front of my car jam break and start pouring profanities cursing and swearing.

I brought down my window and told him he should have stop and not cut into my lane. And he was dangerously riding in 2 lines instead on the recommended 1 line. I decided no point engaging him in an dialogue since he can only spill vulgarities from his mouth and decided to drive off.

Up in front as you can see in the video, his friend decided to dangerous ride against traffic right up to him and wanted to challenge me. 

If he cannot follow our traffic rules he should consider not staying here in Singapore. 



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