Pub Allegedly Breaches Covid19 Social Distancing Measures

An anonymous contributor copied this email All Singapore Stuff after sending it as an official complaint about a pub. If the allegations are true, this pub could be going against Covid19 rules implemented for all Food and Beverage outlets.

I want to report on this FNB / pub.

After work last Friday, we passed by this pub called Whimsical Bar. It is located at 2 Science Park Drive #01-13 Singapore 118222. This is quite a secluded place so maybe its not spotted yet by the authorities.

What is ridiculous is that this place, whatever license it is holds, it is operating like a disco or night club. At about 8pm, the whole place was full with all seats taken. No social distancing observed. The more shocking part is there are about 30 plus waitresses, all dressed very sexily and they are all socialising with the customers, moving from table to table. No one is wearing mask! I am very sure this is not allowed at a time like this. When we commented to the guard about this, he said this place just started business 2 weeks ago and they even open for drinking till 1130pm.

I understand that everyone has a business to run, but this is blatant disrespect for our laws. How about all the other businesses that are following these rules and even worse, those nightlife entertainment venues that remain shut today for a reason.

We are also following social distancing measures everywhere in our daily lives in our fight against this pandemic. What makes this pub any different?

We wish to highlight this place so that it can be known and it can be stopped. Want to party, can. But please wait after everything is OK. Be socially responsible to everyone and not create another cluster we had seen happened so often in nightlife venues overseas. I had seen stricter punishment for minimarts or other FNB not following social distancing but this is the worst breach I had seen so far.

We are hoping the authorities can do something about this. We hear that it is still going on now like this.

The photos attached do not even show the actual situation after 8pm.


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