Burger King Customer Disappointed With Half Empty Sundae

A netizen posted his disappointment with Burger King Singapore over its “1-For-1” Sundae deal at $1.90.

According to the customer, he went to the Burger King outlet at Loyang Point to order this promotion. However he allegedly received sundaes which were only half full. The customer questioned if a 50% discount also means half the normal quantity of sundae.

Here is what he shared:

Dear Burger King Singapore, today I decided to perk up my day by eating your Sundae. Seeing you had a fantastic promo of “1-For-1 @ $1.90”, I went to your Loyang Point BK outlet to get it.

However, this was what was given to me. Can you imagine my disappointment at how your sundae looks and how it only fills up half my cup?? 1-for-1 does not equate to “half the usual amount”.

Just for comparison, it was no where close to how it looks like on your promo coupon. I guess Sundaes are still best eaten at your rival fast food chains instead?

What say you my FB friends?

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