Commentary: “Justice Is In The Hearts Of The People”

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I refer to last Friday’s disastrous handling of an intoxicated man at the juncture of Collyer Quay that caused quite a stir on and offline which ignited a debate on police procedural tactics.

From the 2 comprehensive footages on TOC and ASS showing the scenario before and after tasering the man, it is a very curious case on why the 6 officers did not subdue the man much earlier and allowed the situation to escalate?

Given, the man was a nuisance on the street but he did not act violently nor possessed any weapon. He only turned hysterical after he was shot and when there was intermittent body contact, especially when the officer in the first footage pushed him off the road briefly, in a vain attempt to allow traffic to flow smoothly.

Compare this with previous scenes of peaceful activists gathering for candlelight vigils and giving a non-violent address where hordes of officers would be dispatched to round and restrain them, even after they’d conveyed to police their intention to disburse and leave the area. Compare this also, with an entire CID department being sent to raid houses and offices just for an article their political masters did not agree to or POFMA it.

Hence, one can hardly blame the public for having negative views of our police when they do not do the right thing at a right time. It becomes very polarising when the public sees double standards for similar or worse situation as the saying goes: “Justice is in the hearts of the people”.

Therefore, with a new political landscape and the opening of parliament, we can only hope the government will work hard at rebuilding our misplaced trust and not use the vested powers to fix political opponents and activists again. It can begin with a sincere apology to the Editor and Author of TOC for Amin Amrin’s misleading telecast on State media, accusing the both of publishing articles without verification as I last heard that the public prosecutor has applied to amend the opening statement which said that Terry Xu approved the contentious publication on TOC and he did not verify the identity of the writer. New evidence allegedly surfaced that the writer and his accuser, Sim Wee Lee were known to TOC and its previous chief editor.

#Trust is not what you say but what you do

Judy Tan

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