Cyclists At Punggol Are Dangerous Obstructions To Drivers

I live in Punggol and I frequent the Seletar North link to commute to Yishun.

On numerous occasions, I have encountered cyclist riding along that road to Marina Country club, passing by Safra, all the way to Kadaloor.

The issue is they do not ride in a single file on single-lane roads. They do not obey traffic rules. Currently there are a lot of constructions going on along the back road with frequent heavy vehicles patronizing the road. On the single-lane road, I am either stuck behind the cyclist or I have to dangerously overtake them by driving onto the oncoming lane. When I want to take the left filter lane, cyclist will be riding on the same road (not single file) and I have to drive less than 20km/hr behind them.

These cyclist also ride the straight road from Damai LRT station all the way to Kadaloor LRT station taking up one whole lane (there are only two lanes in this stretch of road) as captured in the picture. These are residential areas where cars need to turn left to their estates. Again I have to crawl behind them or try to find an opportunity to cut to the right lane (heavy traffic at times).

I feel they are such a dangerous obstruction to drivers. Especially now that there are more BTOs around Northshore drive, more vehicles are using the Seletar North link. The government has built the park connector that connects to almost all the parks across Singapore. Why can’t these cyclist take that route instead of blocking the roads?


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