PR Status of CECA Couple Who Abused Maid Should be Revoked!

A few days ago there was a report in the newspapers of a couple; both of whom were Indian Nationals with PR Status convicted for abusing and assaulting their Foreign Domestic maid also from India soon after the FDW started working for them.

The Female accused was found guilty of 9 counts of assault and 1 count of criminal intimidation and her husband was found guilty of 2 counts of assault. The Female accused was sentenced to 21 months of imprisonment whilst her husband was sentenced to 4 months of imprisonment.

Both of them were able to post bail of S$ 8000/- and S$ 15000/- respectively appealing against conviction and sentencing. By doing so it proves they both aren’t remorseful and thinking having loads of cash will enable them to escape going to prison.

Here is a case of Indian Nationals from India who thinks like in their Country can do any crime and get away unpunished with money. In this respect, I urge AGC to appeal to the highest Court to enhance punishment and also to direct MHA to revoke both their PR status and deport them back to where they came from upon completion of their imprisonments.

In this way we must show foreigners regardless from any Country that they are most welcomed to work here in Singapore. They must conform and comply with the rules of the Country like the famous saying “In Rome do what the Romans do”. By not revoking their PR Status our Country is no better than their Country and a shame in the international eyes.

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