Local Influencer Dee Kosh Rolls Thrice and Could Be Going Directly To Jail

Hello fellow Singaporeans, it has been far too long. Since I last talked to you, I got myself lost in the whole mess that is 2020. For those who vaguely remember me from the election period, my comment on the results is bittersweet. 40 something per cent on our first try. Not too bad but a bit demoralizing. Here’s hope that the Doc has more fire in his tank. But I’m here to talk about current events, but with this pandemic, there is little domestic news that sparks interest within my age demographic (People born from the 2000s) is very small. But recently there was a hell of a scandal that is still ongoing. With that, it is time to talk about local YouTuber “Dee Kosh” and the mess he got himself into.

For those uninitiated, “Dee Kosh” is a local YouTuber. Despite Singapore’s market share within YouTube small, with over 380,000 subscribers, he seemed unstoppable with his own viral content, his own posse of young talent and multiple collaborations with even larger YouTube group “Night Owl Cinematics”. However, he has incurred multiple allegations from young boys, citing that he was soliciting sexual favors from underage boys. It all started with some Instagram micro-influencer named ” _epaul” released messages of him being flirted upon by Dee Kosh when he was 17 at the time. If that was not bad enough, Dee Kosh tried to silence _epaul by releasing a Cease & Desist letter under the law firm “DC Law LLC”. With that, other teenagers, as young as 15 years old came out with more allegations like going to his house and making a video with him for $1000 & constant nagging for nudes. It went so bad that the law firm dropped representing Dee Kosh. His half-baked apology in Instagram didn’t help either as he rationalized the more controversial bit of asking preteens for indecent acts.

With what is known so far, I am disgusted at this. It seems that EVERY Echelon in society has a root of Pedophillia in every developed nation. Politicians within the highest seats of power, Celebrities that tore the hearts of people by leaving their favorite show with a horrible last season with their absence, Businessmen who probably had millions to spend on better, non-illegal things to do for leisure, even small figures of authority like the top players within a community of people united by a single video games franchise. When will the depravity end? Is it spreading? Will this be normalized? To all those 3 things I hope the answers are “Soon”, “No” and “Absolutely not”

Until the next bit of news, I am your Loyal Reader, Justin

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