Man Brazenly Steals Ingredients From Vegetarian Stall

An unidentified man was caught on CCTV stealing raw materials away from Food in The Woods 小树林, a vegetarian stall in Ang Mo Kio. The food stall shared images of a man wearing blue who appeared to be examining some plastic bags on a kopitiam table and later taking it away. While the alleged crime had been captured on film, the stall owners will not be filing a police report this round. They even went the extra mile of extending a free meal to persons who are in need and starving.

The food stall owners shared their thoughts:

A little lesson in F&B economics.

Every dollar earned could translate to perhaps, 5cents, after all the deductions.

But every dollar lost in costs, is a full dollar.

And all the losses when we have no noodles/kway teow/tofu to offer for today — just because you took our raw materials away.

We've seen our fair share, honestly. A can drink when no one's looking. Or lots of all types chilli that aren't going to be consumed anyway because u ordered sambal and curry. Or 5 sets of cutlery when u bought one pack of rice. We even had a customer stole a pillow from Mother Earth (yes, my covers were pretty).

Let's all spare a little more thought about taking, and to take just what we need. From anyone, any business, and our common Mother Earth.

And dear Mister captured, please stop taking what is not yours. No police report this time, but we wouldn't be so nice next time.

And if you (or anyone) are really in need, going hungry, please just let us know. A free hot meal is always more warming.

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