Corrupt Social Distancing Officer Threatens Shop With Bad Report If They Deny Him Free Services

Corrupt, bossy and nosey social distancing officer goes to Century Square shop every other day to disturb the staffs, terrorizing to take photos and write reports if they breach any measures. He claimed that the staffs must stand 1-metre apart when serving customers.

When staff requested him to scan SafeEntry before entering store, he always simply replied he’s not required becos he’s Social distancing officer..

In this video, the staff is under duress to polish his “Tiffany Platinum” for him.. didn’t even bother to ask properly.

On another occasion, the staffs shared that he even asks the staff if he could get his ears pierced for free and he will close one eye if he sees something amiss.

Hope relevant authorities can look into the conduct of such officer to prevent further abuse of authority.

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