Dishonest Grabfood Rider Indicated Order Delivered But Customer Did Not Receive It

My mum order grab food on 15 August, Sat at around 1pm. She ordered two orders from different stores. The first order arrived but the second order did not come and it was already 3pm.

The second order, she bought it from Papitto Gelato. The order contains 2 loaf of cakes and 1 pint of gelato worth $40. My mum went to check her order on the grab app but to her horror the grab delivery guy indicated that the order was already delivered.

There was no text messages or call left by the rider. My mum decided to call GRAB and demanded for a refund as the rider was being dishonest.

Grab said to her that the rider has throw the food away as my mum did not put her unit number and said that the rider did give her a call. But my mum did not receive any phone calls or messages from the rider.

The question is did the rider really throw the food away??? Grab should really reflect on its customer service as it is atrocious as they refuse to give my mum a refund!

From now one please pay by cash so that you will not encounter such a dishonest rider

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