Singaporeans’ Complaints About CECA Temasek Employees Are Not Racist

I refer to the Straits Times article “Temasek calls out racist Facebook posts”. My opinion is that highlighting that many India Indians were employed at Temasek is not a racist angle. It is against the policy of recruiting so many Indians from the country India. So the protest is against the country India and not a racist line.

Same with so many Filipinos employed in Singapore, especially in public hospitals so much so that you don’t feel that you are admitted in a Singapore hospital with the Filipino staff speaking Tagalog among each other when attending to the Singaporean patients and patients are blurred what they are discussing about you.

The MOM has recently stated that many companies were found to be employing people of one race from one country and they have blacklisted these companies. Now when the MOM work permit staff were approving so many similar work permits and passes from the same company why they did not reject them at the application stage.

Is Singaporean education system syllabus wrong that for 50yrs our Singapore Government failed to teach and train and encourage real Singaporeans to be IT savvy to be employed in IT based companies and many to be Nurses in our hospitals. Our education system is supposed to be top World class. So how come we lose to those educated in India and Philippines whose education system is supposedly inferior to ours.

All these foreigners in the middle income downwards came here for our Singapore dollars and passport. Even if they are paid Singapore dollars 2000 it is big money for them in their country when they remit money back to their home country equivalent to the amount of 100,000 thousand rupees or pesos. That is the main reason these people are running into Singapore and many of them after 5 to 8 yrs are getting SINGAPORE P.R. or citizen ship. So these foreigners are cheaper for Singapore companies. Plus since many want to save and build better homes and buy properties back in their country they prefer to work 12hrs or more to get overtime etc.

That is what i think is the real reason why our own Singapore employers are not employing us. We have families and children in Singapore to look after and we can’t work 12hrs like foreigners plus we have no other backup country to go to like these foreigners who are now richer in their own country.

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