Alleged Church Cell Leader Abuses Cat On Instagram Stories

There is a viral Instagram video showing a male cyclist pushing the front wheel of his bicycle against a ginger cat. A few people can be heard off screen urging the cyclist on with cheers of "Let's go, let's go" before he moved towards the cat. The cat appeared to be shocked and scampered away. This Instagram stories was captioned with "I love cats…"

The cyclist was confronted on Instagram for his actions, but he said he was "playing only" and the cat was not injured and "still live happily ever after."

A Facebook user who shared this video and Instagram conversation claims the male cyclist is a church cell leader, and she was previously in his cell group. She also shared how this church cell leader was known to dislike cats when she overheard his joking in the past about how he had alleged abused another cat by throwing at item at it to get rid of it.

The Facebook user mentioned leaving the cell group because of how the rest of the cell members "condone" his actions. The cell leader's idea of "fun" with cats also hits her hard as this Facebook user is not only a cat and chinchilla owner, but is also an aspiring pet groomer. Therefore she decided to speak up and defend the voiceless.

The Instagram account of the alleged animal abuse has been made private. A complaint had apparently been made to the SPCA. 

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