MOM Redirects Complaints Of Foreigners Getting Employed To TAFEP

The Covid19 pandemic has impacted Singapore’s economy and one urgent concern among Singaporeans is job security. According to recent media reports, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had added 47 employers to their watchlist for suspected discriminatory hiring practices.

The news reported that 30 of these 47 companies are in the financial and professional services sectors, and all 30 of these employers had an alarmingly “high concentration” of PMETs who were from the same nationality.

While MOM promises greater scrutiny of hiring practices, some netizens have expressed concerns about the current state of affairs. Netizens have shared personal accounts of possible unfair hiring practices where permits continue to be handed out to foreigners.

A Facebook user claims to know “JP Morgan just hired a FT for the role of Java lead during this period and the permit was approved within 7 days.” Another Facebook user mentioned a foreigner “just got transferred to Facebook Singapore” and is currently in isolation due to Covid19 travel restrictions.

One of these comments received a reply from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower Facebook admin. The admin simply passed the buck to TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices) even though MOM is supposed to be the approving authority for employment permits.

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