Chee Soon Juan Offers Listening Ear To Vulnerable Youths

Dr Chee Soon Juan extended a listening ear to vulnerable youths after learning they are committing suicide at an alarming rate. According to a report by the state media, suicides in Singapore increase by 10% as compared to the incidents last year. Statistics given by the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) said 94 people aged between 10 and 29 had killed themselves in 2019.

Being the father of children within the age range of 20 and 29, Chee Soon Juan said he cannot imagine the pain these families have to undergo when youths take their own lives.

Chee Soon Juan did not disregard that the hopelessness and despair these youths feel is real, and offered words of emotional support to all vulnerable youths. He comforted them that life is simply too precious to be ended in such a sudden manner, especially when the world still has other exciting wonders.

He encouraged youths to search deeper to create the will to press on in search of that “brighter and more hopeful day.” While Chee Soon Juan acknowledged that finding and maintaining mental strength is difficult, he wrote that it is not impossible to achieve. He believes it begins with “knowing who and what you are” and being proud of that person everyday, and the parents of these youths also have a huge part to play.

Those in need can email him or contact Samaritans of Singapore 1800-221-4444 and Singapore Association for Mental Health 1800-283-7019.

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