Khan Osman Sulaiman Guesses 90% Of 100,000 SGUnited Jobs Offered To Singaporeans Will Be Blue Collar Jobs

Singapore People’s Party (SPP) politician Khan Osman Sulaiman uploaded an email he received from Sembawang Community Club. The screenshot of this email showed a list of available jobs for four companies: Beijing 101, Jollibee, Royal T Group and Royal Security.

Some of the jobs offered by these companies were positions such as service crews, promoters and security officers.

Osman Sulaiman brought up how the Singapore government had promised it will create 100,000 jobs and training opportunities in 2021 under a $2 billion SGUnited Jobs and Skills package. The programme intends to help Singaporeans impacted by Covid19.

Based on the available job positions posted by Sembawang CC, Osman Sulaiman guessed the bulk of these 100,000 jobs offered to Singaporeans will be 90% blue collar jobs while “CECA members, S Pass and E Pass holders” will probably get the white collar jobs.

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