Mother Looking For Malay Couple Who Saved Boy From Roadside

A small boy was caught on a car camera video running dangerously along the road during the night of 9 August. The video showed a driver making a left turn along a road junction and encountered a boy suddenly running onto the left lane of the road. During this time, a few cars even whizzed by the child. Fortunately an unidentified man came running to the rescue of the boy and safely removed him from traffic.

A Facebook user who seems to be the mother of this boy shared what happened. According to her post, the boy has no sense of danger as he is a special needs child. She said a handyman was fixing up a CCTV at her house just before the incident.

At this time, her gate was open and her little boy ran out of the home. When she saw that her son was nowhere in sight, she hurriedly dashed out of her home even without bothering about footwear or face mask. She ran over to a pond near her home to search for her son. Unknown to her, the boy had run off in the opposite direction and straight to the main road of Pasir Ris Drive 1. So it was lucky that the brave man rescued her son.

When the mother decided to u-turn to find her son, she saw a Malay couple holding on to her son. She was so overcome with shock and relief that she did not manage to say anything much to them except "May Allah bless you both."

Now that the mother has composed herself, she is reaching out through social media to try to find this kindhearted Malay couple who saved her son.



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