The Judiciary Exists To Keep Us Safe From Criminals, Not Civil Activists, Bloggers, Or Politicians

Dear Editor,

As GE 2020 comes to a close on our tiny island, rapid massive political developments continue to unfold across our border even as their ex-Finance minister, now one of the leading Opposition MPs was arrested on Thursday evening for graft in anticipation of snap polls.

How does this concern us one may ask? I do not fault the politically apathetic or novice for being unaware of what occurs across each other’s border has an impact on the populace! Just as the new Malaysian PM was sworn in a coup before their Movement Control Order was imposed, our Cabinet was also installed last week following conclusion of polls.

What accompanied next was the targeting of political dissenters, using either the police or Judiciary. What politicians fail to or do not wish to understand is the ramifications this will have on maintaining trust in State Institutions. The Courts and police exist for the sole purpose of keeping us safe and apprehending criminals and syndicates, not civil activists, bloggers or other politicians.

If such a trend persists across ASEAN, it will lead to further revisions of the Crony Capitalist and Rule of Law Indexes by other developed countries to impose tariffs and downgrade trade ties with the EU and US, citing breaches to certain international agreements and therefore, requiring sanctions similar to that of Hong Kong. This will in turn, affect the already declining economy and ultimately, our livelihoods when corporations fear their own victimisation if they fall out of favour with a hybrid regime.

Thus, we the citizens of Singapore have the enormous burden on our shoulders to keep the integrity of our political system and ensuring the independence of each of the 10 State Organs by depoliticising key appointments. We must demand greater transparency from our MPs in the way Judges, Auditor and Attorney Generals, Commissioner of Public Service and Police chief are appointed on the advice of the PM.

Additionally, it raise eyebrows and give rise to suspicions when the police, prosecutor and judge handling political cases are rewarded as with the upcoming criminal defamation where all 3 officials received promotions ahead of the trial in October this year. I’m surprised no MP in the House raised any query on this!

Though Supreme Court judges in the US are politically affiliated as propagated by Indranee Rajah, she failed to mention that all civil service appointments there are nominated by the President and can only be approved by their Legislature, in comparison to ours where our own reserved President lacks the moral authority and persuasive powers owing to several controversies surrounding her ascent to the Istana.

Finally, I end with the words of the SDP election slogan for fellow Singaporeans to think about this National Day: “Trust is not what you say but what you do!”

ASS Loyal Reader
Lee John

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