Despite Opposition Winning More Seats At GE2020, They Still Have More Grounds To Cover To Beat PAP

Dear ASS,

As the dust has yet to settle on Singapore’s 18th General Election with post-revelations of irregularities and double standards, I cannot help but not share the same euphoric and optimism as some Singaporeans for our future and I shall elaborate on the reasons:

1. Although the WP has managed to capture another GRC owing to gutter politicking by the establishment, the PAP still controls an unacceptable 83 seats in Parliament which makes frequent adjustments to the Constitution entirely plausible without much dissent.

2. The Sec-Gen of the WP though offered “Leader of the Opposition” title by the government in name, still has that unresolved PRPTC lawsuit hanging over his head as is his fellow MP Raeesah Khan who has been implicated in ongoing police investigations by an ardent PAP member. Mr Singh, Ms Lim and Ms Raeesah’s victories may in fact be short lived as there is always that “back door” avenues to remove them.

3. Recent Court cases of “slap on the wrist” sentences for the affluent while relentless pursuit by an unaccountable AGC against civil activists if anything, should indicate that its “business as usual” as there was no change from the previous electoral power that the Cabinet held.

4. Despite a whopping $91 billion of taxpayer dollars that were dispensed to the various corporations instead of the citizenry, it is still unable to overcome the waves of massive retrenchments with more to come. These masses cannot be expected to be retrained for other menial jobs and we have not heard any concrete plans to assist them besides trumpeted motherhood statements.

5. The apathy of a good number of people who are either unaware of prevailing issues or unwilling to step forward to aid the 3 main Opposition parties mount a good campaign against the PA grassroots, resulted in weak scores at some Constituencies for the Opposition, particularly in MacPherson, Mountbatten & Yuhua. It is a folly to believe those PAP candidates are strong and hardworking when so many in their wards are displaced even with the “high scores”.

As a GRAB food deliverer in Marine Parade, I was much appalled when I learnt of fellow youths who are unable to find jobs as myself voting for PAP as they’re unaware of who to vote as they do not know much about the Opposition profile in our area. In my opinion, the Opposition must do 3 things to make a breakthrough at the next polls:

1. Form an alternative charity arm with fundraiser to aid poorer folks in wards like MacPherson and Radin Mas.

2. Emulate the Red Dot United’s model in assigning and dividing candidates’ roles at the various wards where residents can turn to for alternative help or communicate to keep the incumbent constantly on their toes. These issues can be highlighted either through their respective parties’ letterheads or Social Media which SDP team Marsiling-Yew Tee did.

3. Avoid 3 cornered fights at all costs and distancing from so-called sideline “political commentators like J. Nathan, who are planted to stir Opposition resentment against 1 another, thereby entrenching the PAP’s divide and rule strategy.

In the words of Mr LTK to his detractors: “what have you done to advance the Opposition’s cause besides arm-chair critiquing?” All the more we should commend the opposing team of Jalan Besar and MacPherson as they stepped up to fill the void when the other 3 parties could not field candidates there!

With this, I wish the WP, SDP and PSP much more successes at GE 2024 or 25 and I look forward to the WP stepping up engagement at my Marine Parade and neighbouring Macpherson.

ASS Loyal Reader,
Jainudin Adi

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