Ravi Philemon: Chee Soon Juan Would Be Right Person Lead Opposition Coalition

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. Ravi Philemon, the Secretary-General of Red Dot United (RDU), wrote a heartwarming Facebook post to congratulate SDP. Ravi Philemon also praised Dr Chee Soon Juan for being the right person who would be able to lead an opposition coalition.

Ravi Philemon shared stories of how Dr Chee Soon Juan has shown his character as “a person who truly, sincerely believes in the opposition’s cause.” Back in GE2011, Chee Soon Juan was quick to offer spaces for some non-SDP candidates at an opposition’s roundtable talk. During GE2020 Nomination Day, Chee Soon Juan actually approached RDU to show his appreciation that they were contesting Jurong GRC. Ravi Philemon and his team were touched by Chee Soon Juan’s sincerity during a time when RDU was viewed with suspicion.

The RDU Secretary-General shared many attempts at opposition unity and coalition had failed during his 12 year long political career. He thinks these previous attempts at opposition alliance were unsuccessful because they were found on convenience (not true friendship and relationship) and also these coalitions were not led by the right person.

But Ravi Philemon believes Chee Soon Juan and SDP would have the right qualities to lead an opposition coalition by getting various actors to work towards a common goal.

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