Not True That Singaporeans Can’t Do Jobs of Foreign Trash

There is no truth that Singaporeans cannot do the jobs of these Foreign Trash. Let me quote you a very good example.

A Singaporean with a 20 years of experience in a major American bank went through two interviews in Temasek and still could not land a job. His interviewer is a Filipino guy with less experience and coming from an unknown Filipino university with no ranking. It is obvious the Filipino guy don’t want someone in Temasek who is more qualified than him!

Before the influx of lowly paid construction workers, all construction and shipyard work were dominated by Singaporeans at a time when these jobs provide a liveable wages.

With this foreign influx these jobs remain at $18 a day. Which Singaporeans can survive at this wage? In comparison, construction work in Australia is in demand as these pay a very liveable wage.

We have 700,000 foreign workers in these industries and the government said this is due to Singaporeans shunning manual work.

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