PAP Reverts Back To Its Dirty Habit Of Attacking Political Dissidents Post GE2020

Dear Editors,

I read with much concern, of latest developments surrounding the Court cases of political dissidents/Opposition MPs and can’t help but recall the words of the younger Lee siblings alleging “abuse” of various State organs, with the subsequent passionate Parliamentary speech by MP Sylvia Lim to “protect our Institutions before it’s too late”. Is it too late now? Only 12 MPs in the House can answer!

These “resumption” of trials and its adverse decisions arriving after the wake of GE 2020 will no doubt linger in the minds of all voters including PAP ones, if its “business as usual” or a ”permanent change” (for better or worse) as signalled by the PAP itself.

For those born after the millennia, you may just be unaware of how many loyal sons and daughters of our Country who were coerced into exiled and in their void, have filled CECA immigrants who are alien to our Singaporean culture and way of life but have poured into our shores anyway. I’m saddened that 1 more will soon take this path and it’s no ordinary Singaporean but the grandson of our founding father himself! How many more such persecutions need to take place before we deem its enough?

On the AHTC front, it cannot simply be argued that an ‘independent’ party is commencing action against duly elected MPs but such a decision arrived only after numerous saboteurs by the Minister, MND and AGO, culminating in the High Court’s decision to ‘appoint’ these executors who are unelected and whose loyalties we are unable to ascertain?

Going by the words of K. Shanmugam who often utilise election results to ‘justify’ most undue actions of his government, doesn’t recent results in Aljunied scream that residents have lost faith in the Judicial system and are telling the government to back off their Constituency affairs? If anything, residents of Aljunied have reaffirmed their utmost trust in the MPs they voted for who’ve in fact, accumulated surpluses in their TC funds instead.

Therefore, it baffles me much when unelected persons or bodies claiming to either act “in the interest” of residents or interpret “ground sentiment” for elected officials who “feel aggrieved”. Know ye not that a government does not have a reputation to uphold or upkeep?

As opposed to popular belief, I’m from the “Merdeka” Generation and I can tell you my peers are concerned about Justice and Equality for the sake of our children, if not for ourselves. The close results in hotly contested GRCs can attest to that!

Our forefathers have in past time, painstakingly built the fabric of our Nation and trust, incorruptibility has always been the true currency of Singapore but I’m afraid actions of late are not only polarising the entire Country but are also increasingly calling into question, the “impartiality” of our system. We need to give serious thought to this and other pressing issues on our 55th National Day and how we want to shape our population until 2025.

Majulah Singapura and Country above Self!

ASS Loyal Reader Judy Tan

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