Local Fresh Graduates Face Bleak Future Due To Govt Policy On Importing Foreign Talent

Just got notification that a foreigner in my company is the new GM of a new department. Out of the 4 other teams I work with, only HR has a local manager. In my own team of 7, I am the only Singaporean. Have only been working for 4 years but I feel like grads my age and younger really have a bleak future ahead of us, further dampened by the Covid-19 crisis.

It’s not about working harder, longer or cheaper. It’s about not having protection from the very own government who is supposed to protect our livelihoods. The government claims that it is those jobs that Singaporeans do not want to do which are replaced by foreigners. They claim that it is those tech-specific jobs that Singaporeans cannot do.

Really? You mean no Singaporean in my company would love to be the GM of a new department? You mean that all the young students in polytechnics and universities cannot be trained to have tech skills for a digital Singapore?

Then what the hell are schools for? To create subordinates for our foreign managers?

As a young member in the workforce, I feel oppressed, suffocated and angry. Vote opposition. I really can’t stand this anymore!

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