SP Group Faces Widespread Complaints About Surge In Utilities Bill

Many SP Group customers have recently been plagued by an expected surge in their utility bill. This caused many unhappy or confused customers to air their complaints online. According to numerous complaints, their latest utility bills have increased by twice to six times as compared to their previous months.

Despite sending their genuine feedback to SP Group, quite a number of customers mentioned that they received a generic reply that the unprecedented overcharging was not SP Group's mistake. Their claim is that the "overcharge" bill was based on an underestimation of the previous months and was this surge in fees was adjusted based on actual meter readings. SP Group excused themselves for this underestimation due to an "suspension of meter reading services" from April to June 2020 because of Covid19.

SP Group also shifted the blame in inaccuracy of meter readings to homeowners, "If you do not have an advanced electricity meter and did not submit your own meter readings, your consumption during this period would have been estimated based on your previous consumption patterns." However there was a netizen who wrote that he submitted the meter readings every month, yet he received a 6 folds increase in the bill for his latest bill. His attempts to clarify this with SP Group remains unresolved.

Have you also faced a similar surge in utilities bill?

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